New release!

- 18.11.2020 -

We present the cover of our coming release: "Theomorphose". The Ep will be released on December 21st 2020 and will be purchasable via Bandcamp. Tracklist: 1. Divide et frange 2. Per ignem ad lucem Mix and Mastering from Liquid Aether Audio


- 18.03.2020 -

We live in strange times and this cabal has also to close its gates. Our shows with NEGATOR, Wolves Den and Convictive at One Night in Hell X - Malediction and also Sixth Circle Fest VI with Phantom Winter and Hexer are cancelled.

New concert confirmed!

- 04.01.2020 -

We will again pillage the city of cologne.

h3>New concert confirmed! - 04.06.2019 -

After a year without live gigs we will finally again perform in our home city of Aachen. We will be playing as support for MANTAR!

New concert confirmed!

- 24.02.2019 -

This time Duisburg will be the victim of our musical extravaganza!

New concert confirmed!

- 16.02.2019 -

Ius Talionis is back on stage!

New music video!

- 10.01.2019 -

We present our new song "Per Ignem Ad Lucem" from the upcoming split "L'appel du vide" with Blyh! Mix and Master via Liquid Aether Audio.

New release!

- 02.01.2019 -

We present the cover of our next release: "L'Appel du vide" - A split with Blyh! The split will be released by The Crawling Chaos Records in spring 2019. More information will follow in the future! Mix and Mastering via Liquid Aether Audio

New concert confirmed!

- 27.11.2018 -

Next year, Ius Talionis is back on stage! A new member and new songs await you. So mark the day in the calendar and appear!

No rest for the wicked!

- 25.11.2018 -

It's time! Watch a small section from a song coming with our next yet unnamed full-length album. Currently we record two songs at Liquid Aether Audio, while more song material is taking shape.

recordings finalized!

- 19.11.2018 -

The vocal tracks were recorded in our rehearsal room. We are already looking forward for the results of Liquid Aether Audio. Get ready for the aural hellfire!

Welcome to the legion!

- 14.11.2018 -

We welcome Niggurath as our new bass player to Ius Talionis.


- 23.10.2018 -

Eremos has left the band for quite some time, now it's time to make it official. Eremos made the decision on his own free will and in deep connection to the band. We wish him a lot of success on the way! In the course of events, Moros changes the instrument and plays the guitar in the future. We are currently working on new material und want to be back on the stage again! br>

We have patches!

- 23.04.2018 -

We finally have patches in our product line! The embroidered beauty with a diameter of 10cm is available in our shop.

Death and the Devil befall Aachen!

- 12.04.2018 -

Tod und Teufel 2 will be a concert on the homefront. Stellarvore, Feradur and Krähenfeld will perform at our side.

New video!

- 28.02.2018 -

We present you our new music video! It will be the final release from our concept album Saligia.

Viva acedia, viva blasphemia, viva saligia!


- 27.01.2018 -

Icoloclast! Follow us on instagram.


New member!

- 17.01.2018 -

We have a new member! From now on Xiphos will be our new guitarist. The material is on the way, so be prepared.

Krefeld, we are coming

- 10.01.2018 -

The first concert of 2018 will be held in Krefeld! Be part of our appereance, side by side with Krähenfeld, WELICORUSS and Feradur, celebrating Krähenfeld's CD Release "Vergänglich"! It will also be our first concert in our new constellation, so it will be doubly worth it.

New year, new concerts!

- 01.01.2018 -

New year, new concerts! Further details will be available soon.

On the verge of new year's eve

- 31.12.2017 -

As a band, we are looking at an eventful year 2017. This part of our band history was marked by positive as negative events. After a long creative process, we released our first full-length Saligia. The positive feedback we got from our fans as well as the reviewers showed us, that we are on the right track. But this year also saw the (peaceful) departure of our long companion and co-founder Viator Noctis, which gave us the opportunity to reflect on the past. Nonetheless, there is no rest for the wicked, our path is straight forward. We are already working on new material. Prepare for next year, we have a lot of plans. More on that soon.


- 24.10.2017 -

We regret to inform you that our friend, and founding member Viator Noctis has chosen to leave the band due to personal reasons. He helped to shape Ius Talionis to today's form and we would like to thank him for his contribution. He will be missed, but we respect his decision and wish him the best for his future in every way possible.

New Merchandise available!

- 22.10.2017 -

The new merchandise arrived and is now available! You can buy the following designs:

Auge um Auge: Unicolored silk-screen printing on Gildan heavy cotton. Available in size XS to XL. 12 Euro plus package costs.

Ladies Shirt Babylon: Unicolored silk-screen printing on Gildan Ladies' Softstyle Fitted Ring Spun T-Shirt. Available in size S to L 12 Euro plus package costs.

We also offer you a bundle: Buy the Saligia Digipak and a shirt und pay only 20 Euro plus package costs. Get it now!

100% cotton 100% haram

Get your shirt now via

Viva peccatum! Viva blasphemia! Viva saligia!

new concert confirmed!

- 28.08.2017 -


We are thrilled to announce to be part of the first Tod und Teufel concert! Come to the Autonomes Zentrum Aachen on the 7th october and be there when we share the stage with Insanity Reigns Supreme, Beltez and Frostland!

Saligia out now!

- 20.05.2017 -

Buy now our first full-length album "Saligia"! The high quality digipak with the twelve paged booklet and the illustrations done by Osculum Infame Artworks is available via Bandcamp for 12 Euro. The concept based album about the seven deadly sins was recorded in our own rehearsal room. To facilitate your purchase decision you can listen to all seven songs via stream.

1. Auge um Auge (Eye for an Eye)
2. Tanz um das goldene Kalb (Dance around the Golden Calf)
3. Babylon
4. Früchte des Zorns (Grapes of Wrath)
5. Gärten des Dionysos (Gardens of Dionysos)
6. Elohim, El-Qanna
7. Herzstillstand (Cardiac arrest)

Viva peccatum! Viva blasphemia! Viva saligia!

Release date!

- 14.05.2017 -

It is official: Saligia will be released on the 20th May 2017! The press shop will do the job on time for the Purgatorial Rites 2017, so you can buy your copy on the night we are playing all new songs. Saligia will be seven Songs long with a playtime of 44 minutes and 17 seconds.

New video!

- 04.04.2017 -

We hereby present the second song of the coming full length "Saligia". "Tanz um das goldene Kalb" is Avaritia, the sin of greed.

Saligia Artwork released!

- 21.03.2017 -

It's finally here, we present you the final cover for our first album "Saligia"! The illustrations are made by Osculum Infame, for which we are thankful. The concept album, which focuses on the seven deadly sins, contains seven songs (45 minutes) and was recorded in the band-owned rehearsal room and mixed & mastered by Viator Noctis. We will inform you in due time of the publication date.

1. Auge um Auge (Eye for an Eye)
2. Tanz um das goldene Kalb (Dance around the Golden Calf)
3. Babylon
4. Früchte des Zorns (Grapes of Wrath)
5. Gärten des Dionysos (Gardens of Dionysos)
6. Elohim, El-Qanna
7. Herzstillstand (Cardiac arrest)

Viva peccata, viva blasphemia, viva saligia!

Neue T-Shirts!

- 02.03.2017 -

We now have t-shirts! white silkscreen on Gildan Heavy Cotton. Available sizes: S - XL, for 12€ (plus postage) in our online shop!
Link to the shop

new concert confirmed!

- 06.05.2017 -

On 02.04.2017 Ius Talionis will have its first concert outside the borders of Germany! The Band will be part of the THRONE OF PAIN Tour at Café Smile in Liége (Belgium) with Antilife, Catarrhal and Urskumug.

New concert confirmed!

- 20.05.2017 -

Ius Talionis will share the stage on 20th May 2017 with Misanthrope Monarch, Carthaun, Der Rote Milan and Feradur in Aachen!

New concert confirmed!

- 13.04.2016 -

Ius Talionis will share the stage on 17th June 2016 with Hexer and Magoth in the Helvete Metal Club Oberhausen.

New concert confirmed!

- 10.04.2016 -

Ius Talionis will share the stage on 4th June 2016 with Pestreiter, Jörmungand und Magoth in the MTC Club Cologne.

New concert confirmed!

- 23.04.2016 -

Ius Talionis will be part of AIXTREME METAL FEST at AZ Aachen on 23rd april 2016.

New song!

- 18.03.2016 -

We hereby present the first song of the coming full length "Saligia". Saligia will be a concept release, all thematically around the seven deadly sins. "Auge um Auge" is Superbia, the sin of pride. You can download the song on this page unter "releases" for free!

change in!

- 01.02.2016 -

Ryu left the band on good terms, Moros will replace him.

New concert confirmed!

- 11.09.2015 -

Ius Talionis will perform on 21.11.2015 in AZ Aachen on the WE ARE OLD SKÜLL ...FAKK YA! II (Day 2).

Nár leaves Ius Talionis, Demiurg confirmed as new member

- 25.05.2014 -

We announce that Ius Talionis and Nár part ways. In the future our previous Drummer Ryu will fill the Position as Bass Player. We also reveal Demiurg as the new Drummer of Ius Talionis.

Interview im GARM Magazin

- 11.04.2015 -

Our singer Koshmar was interviewed by GARM Magazine, available in the newest issue "Akt 2: Hordaland". If you want to read it, order the Magazine for 8¤ at .

86/100 - Review from Concrete Web

- 24.11.2014 -

"I am convinced that Ius Talionis are a band not to ignore. If there is a smart label out there reading this review, then you will know what to do."


Another Review

- 28.10.2014 -

A very interesting Review by Aristocrazia Webzine in italian language.

- Aristocrazia Websine - IUS TALIONIS - Eleutheromania -

Reviews - Eleutheromania

- 11/10/2014 -

A collection of reviews for our Demo "Eleutheromania"

- Todgehört Blog - CD-Review: Ius Talionis "Eleutheromania" -

- Wonderbox Metal - Ius Talionis – Eleutheromania (Review) -

- Hateful Metal - Ius Talionis - Eleutheromania -

- Sturmglanz - Ius Talionis - Eleutheromania -

Rhein in Blood XX - Köln

- 06/10/2014 -

On 12th of October we will play on the Rhein in Blood XX in Cologne.

Link to the event: - Rhein in Blood XX -

Demo Release - Black Metal Mass

- 06/09/2014 -

This evening our Demo "Eleutheromania" will be released during our first gig "Black Metal Mass" in AZ Aachen.
It will have the following Tracklist:

  1. Irrlicht
  2. Das Antlitz des Krieges
  3. Im Angesicht des Todes
  4. Eleutheromania

You can purchase the Demo on the Concert or directly from ourselves.

Artwork - Eleutheromania

- 26/08/2014 -

It is finally done! The Artwork for our first release is finished. You can purchase the demo on our concert at AZ Aachen, 6th September.

Our thanks for this piece of art goes to - Osculum Infame Artworks. -

Oktober Ritual II

- 07/08/2014 -

In October, our next ritual takes place in Kaiserslautern, replacing Cortex Inferis.

Link to the event: - Oktober Ritual II -

Black Metal Mass

- 23.07.2014 -

Our first concert in Aachen with the title "Black Metal Mass".

Link to the event: - Black Metal Mass -